Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Merry X-mas and Allahu Akbar, Y'All!

Thought I'd try to get rid of the Burl Ives ear worm I have lodged in my brain by revising his song for our times:

Have a very scary jee-had.
It's the biggest threat we face.
I don't know 'bout Barack O,
His MO's a disgrace.

Have a very scary jee-had,
But remember, don't offend.
Islamopho' brings lots of woe
And hurts you in the end.

Oh, no, PM Trudeau,
He's a mosqueteer.
Will he address the threat?
Not a chance, I fear.

Have a very scary jee-had
And in case it isn't clear
Just be wary of the very scary
Jee-had this year.

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