Monday, April 11, 2016

Co-Founder of "Black Lives Matter Toronto" Sees No Hypocrisy In, Tries to Downplay, Her Own Intolerant Tweet

Yusra Kogali tries (and fails) to walk it back in the Toronto Star:
To be a black Muslim woman in Toronto is to feel deep isolation, the result of omnipresent systemic anti-black, patriarchal and Islamophobic discrimination. It is to be under constant attack. To see bodies like mine ignored in the news when they suffer, when they disappear and when they die, unjustly.  
Evidently some do not believe this is true. During Black History Month, I was bombarded by tweets from white men asking me to prove that racism, Islamophobia and misogyny exist. Why should I have to prove the existence of the forces that torment me and members of my community to people who don’t believe they exist and, worse, who perpetuate them? And so two months ago I tweeted, “Plz Allah give me strength not to cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today.” I put my rage and trauma into words, not action, not threat. Faced with hate, I sought restraint from god and support from my online community...
Actually, Ms. Kogali, what really happened, and the reason some people are upset, is that when you were faced with hate, you lashed out--publicly--in a very hateful and threatening manner.

And, no, you don't get a pass to do so just because you're a self-declared victim of "omnipresent systemic anti-black, patriarchal and Islamophobic discrimination." (Try saying that one three times, fast.)

My advice to you: when you find you've reached a boiling point, write a poem, like this one:
My victimhood, if I may be so bold,
Is much worse because it's threefold.
To lay it on thick,
I'm a black Muslim chick,
A trifecta that requires me to scold.

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Maggat said...

Good limerick, I'll have to remember that one.