Thursday, April 21, 2016

See No Jihad, Hear No Jihad. See Lots and Lots of "Islamophobia." In Other Words, a Hectoring Lecture By Harpoon Siddiqui

Now retired, sort of, from his bully pulpit at the Toronto Star, Harpoon told a crowd gathered at the Aga Khan Museum that those who expose the actions of jihadis are guilty of Islamophobia, a threat far greater than, well, the jihad itself:
The following is an excerpt from a lecture delivered at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto by Haroon Siddiqui, the Star’s former columnist and editorial page editor emeritus.  
He argued that the media have contributed to widespread Islamophobia by conflating Muslim terrorists with all Muslims. In doing so, he said, the media are violating their own declared principles of fair and ethical journalism:  
The biggest culprits have been the National Post and the Postmedia group of newspapers across the country, which now include the Sun chain.  
Hardly a week goes by without these publications finding something or other wrong with Muslims and Islam. These publications are forever looking for terrorists under every Canadian minaret. They are hunting for any imam or any Muslim who might make some outrageous statement that can be splashed as proof of rampant Muslim militancy or malevolence.  
In the 1950s there was the Red Scare. Today, Postmedia are giving you the Green Scare...
Yes, and maybe if you're busy fuming about the "Islamophobia" of the Senators McCarthy du jour you won't notice the plethora of jihadi groups who, inspired by classic Islamic teachings, are waging the latest edition of holy war (for all the same reasons that jihadis of yore did).

"Scary"? You bet your sweet minaret it is!

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