Saturday, April 9, 2016

It's Official! France Has Turned Into One Big No-Go Zone for the Jews

It's ba-ack (Jew-hate in France, that is), but this time it's being perpetrated by radicalized Muslims:
Experts on radicalisation in France have warned that an entire generation is being lost to extremists who peddle hatred of Jews. 
Speaking in Paris on Monday, at a conference on radical Islam and populism in Europe, organised by the American Jewish Committee, cyber-security expert Jonathan Uzan said: "We've already lost the young generation who are against the system and believe in these antisemitic theories. We'll struggle to bring them back." 
Addressing the conference, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that the country's Salafis were gaining ground and, today, have more influence than the moderates on young Muslims. "They represent only one per cent of the Muslim population but their ideas are the most prominent on social media.  
"They're about to win the ideological war. They're the ones the young generation listens to." The Prime Minister added that several neighbourhoods in France were as radical as Molenbeek in Brussels, where Salah Abdeslam, one of the terrorists who carried out the mass-murders in Paris last November, hid from security forces...
This should serve as a wake up call for Canadians in general and Canadian Jews in particular--but I highly doubt it will.

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Carlos Perera said...

Apparently PM Valls, or "_Manu le chimiste_," as French social conservatives call him (because as Minister of the Interior he sanctioned the use of chemical agents against peaceful demonstrators protesting his party's enactment of homosexual marriage in France), is tone-deaf to the irony of his plaint, or is just being a duplicitous bastard. His party, the _Socialistes_, have been kissing Moslem derrières and pushing for laxer immigration laws for decades now (more or less for the same reason the Democrats do the same in the U. S.). But, since French Jews are disproportionately represented in the upper reaches of business, the intelligentsia, and the news and entertainment media, they must, for the moment, be placated, so he is hypocritically expressing concern over the radicalization of French Moslems . . . as if they had not been anti-Semites to begin with.

Moslem hostility to Jews was manageable until the last decade or so, because Moslems' numbers were sufficiently low that they could be controlled through isolation in the _Banlieues_ of their more troublesome unskilled sub-demographics and the anodyne of social welfare programs. But now Moslems are (at least) 10% of France’s population, and a youthful 10% at that. (As Mark Steyn likes to remind us, when populations clash in civil strife, what matters is not total numbers, but the proportion of fighting-age males on each side.) The Islamic wolf cub has grown into a large and unmanageable predator, with a taste for Jewish prey. The Socialistes are now in the delicate position of trying to keep the support of both the numerically insignificant but affluent and influential Jewish population and the increasingly restive Moslem population. Unfortunately for French Jews, numbers and violence are likely to prevail; they may wish to heed Laura Rosen Cohen’s advice and pack their bags while they can still leave with what they own.