Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"Huddled Masses," Inc.: A Post Mortem of the Great Munk Debate

I have nothing much to add to these superb assessments of what went down last Friday night.

My only comment is this: when Emma Lazarus penned the welcoming words that ended up on the Statue of Liberty, she had no inkling that some of the "huddled masses" she was summoning wouldn't be "yearning to breathe free" as much as they would be yearning--and burning--for jihad.

The reality is that not all "immigrants" are the same, and no free society can hope to remain that way if it sentimentalizes masses of newcomers who aspire to nothing less than the establishment of a global caliphate with totalitarian sharia law calling the shots for all. (For confirmation of what lies in store for free societies that succumb to such sentimentilization, cast your gaze upon the lost continent of Europe.)

Know this, sentimentalizers: should the jihadis succeed, we would be transformed into the "huddled masses"--of powerless and/or dead dhimmis.

Update: Last year, the EU, intoxicated by its own moral narcissism, let in a "staggering" number of jihadis.


Earl said...

What is entirely overlooked is that Louise al-Bour was responsible for the creation of the OIC satrapy, the UNHCR. She has midwifed a viper den of Judenhass, and vilification and hatred of Israel and, more generally, the West. Her credibility is nil in matters of public policy.

scaramouche said...

Quite right, Earl. Arbour has much to answer for re her pernicious anti-Israel animus: