Thursday, April 21, 2016

Michele Mandel Has Had It With Ontario "Human Rights" Kvetchers Parlaying Their Petty Grievences Into a Big Pay Day

Michele Mandel exposes the racket that rewards petulance for the sake of "human rights". The latest payoff involves an individual whose "human rights" were abridged via the "inconsiderate" deployment of a citrus fruit:
There is enough real discrimination in this province to address — so why is Ontario’s human rights tribunal wasting its time and our tax dollars on salving the hurt feelings of the too easily offended? 
The latest? A germaphobe has just been awarded $12,000 because, among other things, his local Baton Rouge restaurant put lemon in his water. 
Seriously, is that a fundamental human right now — that your restaurant seat must be sprayed with Purell and your cutlery delivered on a freshly laundered napkin?  
Accommodation for true disabilities is one thing, but bending over backwards to this ridiculous degree is simply insane. 
Are restaurants now going to be obligated to go nut-free because 1% of the population believes it’s discriminatory to have allergens in their midst? Will department stores be forced to stop providing perfume testers because it tramples someone’s right to a scent-free zone? Will skyscraping office towers require escalators to the 32nd floor because a tenant with elevator phobia demands his right to be free of fear? 
Where does it end?
Where does it end? It doesn't. It can't. Not if the province wants to keep this "human rights" kvetch-o-rama up and running. And it wants to because the "human rights" machine, that consummate wolf in sheep's clothing, is a vehicle that enables the state to assert its power/authority over its citizenry in all sorts of sly and intrusive ways (hello, gender-fluid public washrooms for all!).

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