Friday, April 8, 2016

Columnist Who Writes for Fawning, Sycophantic Globe & Mail Slams "Prominent Brazillian Magazine" For Failing to Be Fawning and Sycophantic Re Canucki Media Crush Justin Trudeau

This, from a scribbler for the most self-important newspaper in Canada if not the world, kind of gave me a chuckle (my bolds):
Apparently unfamiliar with that adage about people who live in glass houses, a prominent Brazilian magazine has published a blistering critique of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 
The column is headlined “Justin Trudeau is adorable, but exceedingly ordinary: Everything is wrong with Canada’s Prime Minister – except his looks.” It was written by Vilma Gryzinski, international affairs columnist for Veja, which is distributed nationally and leans, like most major Brazilian media, to the right. 
Her ostensible peg is the upcoming release of a biographical film about the Prime Minister called God Save Justin Trudeau, but Ms. Gryzinski has a wide range of criticisms of the “narcissistic” Canadian leader... 
Ms. Gryzinski, the former executive editor of Veja, calls Mr. Trudeau “the embodiment of vaguely leftist and confusingly well-intentioned liberalist dreams, a handsome guy who shamelessly shows off his physique and preens for photos in yoga poses.” 
She seems particularly perturbed by what she views as his soft-on-terrorism stand, which she conflates with his inclusive attitude to Muslim Canadians. He will, she writes,  
“support any insanity, including terrorism, when committed in the name of the Muslim religion. He frequently visits mosques, dressing in typical outfits from countries such as Pakistan, and praying in the Islamic fashion.” The Islamic State heralded his election, she says, and no wonder...
The Canadian media come in for their share of scorn in the article – she calls them “sycophantic” and blames them for showing Mr. Trudeau “self-destructive deference.” ...

Sounds to me like Ms. Gryzinski has a much better handle on the real Justine (a pretty boy of limited intelligence who thinks and speaks in bromides, banalities and platitudes, and who is an ardent mosqueteer) than does, say, the average Trudeau-besotted G&M opiner.

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