Friday, April 29, 2016

"Naz By Name, Nazi By Nature..."

Richard Littlejohn weighs in on the malign alliance of British leftists and Islamists and how, because of them, Israel-hate, the Jew-hate of our time, has metastasized throughout the U.K.

Update: Ken Livingstone says Labour should reinstate him because everything he said about Jews "was true"

Update: Ken the "truth-teller" sings the title song from Camelot:

It's true! It's true! You cannot trust "the Jew"
Because you never know what he will do!

A plan was hatched a distant moon ago there
By "elders" who liked power quite a lot
And there's no telling what it all will sew there--
That Jewish plot.
The Zionists have stolen all the land there.

You see it has our knickers in a knot.
And we won't rest until they curb their warfare--
That Jewish plot.

That Jewish plot!
(That Jewish plot!)
I know it sounds a bit passé
But that Jewish plot
(That Jewish plot)
Is still a go today.

We're adamant that Zionists are evil.
The facts you tell us aren't the ones we're taught.
In short, there's simply not
A more congenial rot

For fascists and bien pensants
Than that age-old Jewish plot.

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