Friday, April 15, 2016

Farzana Hassan to Foolish Infidel Chicks: Stop Glamourizing the Hijab, a Symbol of Oppression

Hassan is fed up with so-called feminists who equate hijab-wearing with freedom (when, in fact, the head covering symbolizes the opposite of freedom):
Women’s groups in Ottawa recently celebrated world hijab day, and many supportive non-Muslim Canadian women wore them. 
Such solidarity is touching, but the way the hijab is promoted and glamorized promotes the kind of patriarchy Canadian women should abhor. 
The hijab is a garment born of the most virulent strain of systematic misogyny, derived from cultures that consider women dependent on men for their livelihood and liberty. 
This world view insists on falsely portraying women as temptresses who ought to be removed from public gaze, ostensibly because they risk being sexually assaulted.
How ironic that, in championing the hijab, "women's groups" end up colluding in the maintenance of their Muslim sisters' second-class status.

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