Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ezra Levant Weighs In On Media Reaction to Justin Trudeau's "Brilliant" Recitation of Wikipedia's Definition of Quantum Computing

The usual suspects swooned and drooled over Justin McDreamy's display of "smarts." Ezra, thank G-d, deploys a very sharp pin to burst their little bubble:
Slate. Fortune magazine. Vanity Fair. Over 200 news reports. I’ll read you some of the really fawning ones. They sound like jokes but they’re real. 
Probably 100 million people saw that video. Probably 99.9 million of them didn’t see the transparent request from Trudeau trying to tee up his clip. 
I’m not mad that Trudeau is a show-off, or that the foreign press fell for this set up. 
I’m mad at the Canadian media, who saw Trudeau ask to be asked; who saw a real reporter try to ask something else, and be pushed aside by Trudeau’s little drama sketch.  
And then who ran with it, like fawning reporters in North Korea, crying tears of joy with how brilliant Dear Leader is. 
These are the reporters we rely on to tell us the truth.
Okay, that last line may be a bit of a stretch.

The "Dear Leaders" du jour.

Update: Lorrie Goldstein spills the beans:
It was Trudeau who, prior to his media conference, set up the whole thing, saying he hoped someone in the press would ask him a question about quantum computing.
I'm shocked--shocked!--I tell's ya.

Update: Trudeau's 'geek' lecture not so off the cuff

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