Sunday, April 17, 2016

Compare and Contrast

1) The head-hanging/hand-wringing that's underway for the non-viable community of Attawapiskat, Ontario.

2) The head-turning/eye-closing that's underway re schoolkids in Halifax who are being physically mauled by rescued Syrian "refugees."

Update: Another pair to C&C:

3) Jewish spy who spent 29 years in an American prison is still considered "a security threat."

4) Former Gitmo denizens, hardened jihadis, the lot of 'em, are released to Saudi Arabia (obviously, they are not considered "a security threat").


Carlos Perera said...

The schoolkids in Halifax are "white-privilege" beneficiaries who are getting their historically ordained comeuppance. Power to the brown masses!

scaramouche said...

'xactly, CP.