Monday, April 11, 2016

"Islam Is Only As Good As The People Who Follow It"

I don't usually write letters to the editor of the Toronto Sun. The reason: I'm not a fan of the format--a reader's letter followed by a snippy/snarky comment from the editor. However, I'm willing to make an exception for the editor's quip, the pithy line quoted above, that accompanies this letter:
There are two groups of people who believe that Islam is inherently violent and has no standing other than the sword. One group stands in the West, ready and wanting to attack Muslims and Islam and dispel the ‘“threat”. The other side stands in the East, taking over cities, killing people without mercy. They believe that Islam has no strength if the one propagating it does not have a sword. The rest of the Muslim world is caught in the middle. Muslims should not allow this. Islam belongs in the cubicle next to your co-worker. Islam belongs in the desks of the students who learn about life and each other and appreciate each other for who they are. Islam belongs in the theatre seat next to you when you and your best friend go to see Batman V Superman. What I’m saying is, Islam belongs to the Muslims who live around the world, and those who live and work and love with you. You gave Muslims and Islam a home, and we love you for it. No man, with any weapon, be it a sword or ignorance, can take away our Islam, our loyalty, or our unity as human beings from us.
Mohammad Raza
No one wants to take away your Islam, Mohammad. We just don't want Muslims to wage violent--or even stealth--jihad for the sake of expanding Islam/establishing its global supremacy.

Surely that isn't too much to ask/expect.

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