Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Passover Song Parody

(To the tune of "Downtown")

When we weren't free
And really needed to flee
That's when they all appeared:
Ten plagues.
When Pharaoh balked
And there was no talking to him
Things got very weird:
Ten plagues.
The first saw water turned to blood,
It wasn't an illusion.
The next saw froggies falling
From the sky in great profusion.
Three: biting lice.
Four: flies arrived.
Five: ill cows and sheep,
And then hail, locusts and darkness.
Number ten's the Big Sleep.
That's the ten plagues,
They helped to pave the way.
Ten plagues,
That's why we're free today.
Ten plagues,
Ten drops of wine on my plate.

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