Sunday, April 10, 2016

Refugee "Bullies" In Halifax Are Making Their Presence Felt (and Not In a Good Way)

They sure seem to be settling in nicely--if you ignore all dissing and choking, that is:
HALIFAX — Some concerned parents are reporting incidents of violence involving refugee students at Chebucto Heights Elementary School. 
Reports of students choking, pushing, slapping and verbally abusing their fellow classmates are causing parents to worry about the school’s disciplinary action. 
“There has always been some fighting and bickering going on at the school but never to this degree,” said Missy, the mother of two children who attend Chebucto Heights. She asked to be referred to by her nickname for this story. 
Missy said her daughter, who is in Grade 3, was choked on Monday and Thursday last week by two refugee boys. School staff intervened, but to her knowledge, the students were not disciplined further. 
According to the Halifax Regional School Board, refugees began registering at Chebucto Heights, located in the Cowie Hill neighbourhood of Halifax, in mid-February. 
School board spokesman Doug Hadley said, as of last week, there were 252 refugee students enrolled in the region, with another 71 waiting on settlement of permanent housing. 
Missy’s son, who is in Grade 5, has also been the subject of rough play on the soccer field. During games, refugee students reportedly take their thumb and slide it across their neck from left to right while staring into the eyes of their competitor; imitating the slicing of the throat. 
Missy said the school’s response to this and other on-field violence was to cancel intramurals and soccer...
How craven--and how typical. School authorities would rather turn a blind eye to the bullying than risk being called "Islamophobic."

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