Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hollywood F**k Up Lindsay Lohan, A Really "Spiritual" Chick, Is Said To Be "Exploring" Islam

Well, that's one way to get your name in the news:
“I’m a very spiritual person and I’m really open to learning,” the Catholic-born actress told The Sun on her interest in Islam. 
Lohan, 29, who was spotted carrying a copy of the Koran while tending to her community service in New York last summer, also said there’s more to the text than what many people have been led to believe. 
“America has portrayed holding a Koran in such a different way to what it actually is,” she explained, despite having yet to complete it. 
“I’m not done reading it. Do you know how long that would take? It takes so long,” Lohan said...
I totally get where she's coming from. After all, if the only stuff you're used to reading is Archie comics and the supermarket 'bloids, reading the entire Koran is likely to tie you up for, well, years. (It's not unlike the time Marilyn Monroe pretended to read Ulysses.)

Update: Hey, Linds, if you want to wrap your wrapped-up head around the Koran's heady contents PDQ, you would be well advised to start here.

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