Sunday, July 29, 2012

"...and most importanty, we're accountable to Allah"

That's a promise made by Islamic Relief Canada, an outfit that has this tres glossy publication. One of the many, many lands that receives funds from the charity is "Palestine," of course. That's because
Decades of political instability have stifled economic development in Palestine. The vast majority of Palestinians, living inside the territories, and living as refugees in neighboring regions, depend on international aid for survival. Foreign investment in the region has dropped, further hindering the ability for Palestinians to move toward a more stable economy.
In Palestine, where a majority of the population relies on foreign assistance for survival, insecurities in food, water and electricity, as well as crippled health care services and educational facilities, make living conditions some of the worst in the world.
Continued violence throughout Palestine has severely affected the most vulnerable section of the population—the children. Many Palestinian children suffer from psychological trauma...
Makes you want to open your pockets and donate to the max, doesn't it?

Another recipient: Somalia. And--oh, lookee here--the Canadian government is in on the act (though not on the accountability to Allah, presumably) since it--that is, we--have ponied up a cool $3 million in relief. Gee, let's all hope that none of it ends up in the hands of a bunch of locals who are also "accountable to Allah," i.e. al-Shabab.

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