Thursday, July 19, 2012

Someone Has to Say It, So I Will

Everyone seems to think that a woman who is preggers becoming the new Yahoo! CEO is a wonderful thing--a great blow to that proverbial glass ceiling ambitious working women are said to have had such a hard time shattering. Wonderful it may be--for the Yahoo!, for the woman, and for unshattered glass ceilings everywhere. But is it going to be a good thing for the other human being involved here, the tiny one who can't speak up about how wonderful it all is, and who, even if he/she could, might not be fully on board since his Mama's being CEO of a flailing company means he/she won't exactly have her undivided attention when it's most needed?

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Al the Fish said...

An update for you on the Tomb of the Unknown Rights Victim:

Check out the first line:

"Finally, a solution....." Such a comedian that writer is.

Dollars to donuts the loan is never repaid.