Friday, July 13, 2012

From Wiki: Hama massacre--"not to be confused with 2012 Hama massacre or 1981 Hama massacre"

Well, it is pretty confusing. But for Wiki to keep score, it would be almost impossible to remember one savage, horrific Syrian massacre (this one occured back in 1982) from another. (Rhetorical query: how come they always mention Sabra and Shatila but never harp on the far bloodier Hama 1, 2 & 3?)


Carlos Perera said...

They never mention the Hama massacres because of the "soft bigotry of lowered expectations," much as violent crimes committed against whites by "people of color" are relegated to the bottom right-hand corner of page 32 in the newspaper (if they are reported at all), but, in the man-bites-dog instances when the races of the perpetrator(s) and the victim(s) are inverted, the New York Times trumpets the news on the front page for days and weeks.

As I've said many times before in these comments--and elsewhere--the Israelis are the honkeys of the Middle East, so they are held to a civilized standard of conduct, whereas their Moslem adversaries . . . not so much.

scaramouche said...

I think it's more a matter of the hard bigotry of impossibly high expections it demands of Israel.