Thursday, July 12, 2012

Overdrawn at the Touchy-Feely Think-Happy-Thoughts First Internationalist Bank of Delusion

Daniel Greenfield has a go at explaining why the West has such a tough time coming to grips with the truth about Islam and its problematic doctrines. It's because Dar al Harb (as the Islamic triumphalists like to call it/us) is so heavily invested (monetarily and emotionally) in comforting myths. ("Humankind cannot bear very much reality," said old Tom Eliot, way back when.)

Update: Victor Davis Hanson has this much-needed reality check:
The Arab Middle East is now in a free fall. Tyrants in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen were ousted, while one in Syria totters. But while the world hoped secular democrats would follow in their wake, more likely we are witnessing the emergence of one-election Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood. The region will be mired in turmoil whether these upheavals turn out to be like the hijacked Iranian revolution that ended in theocracy, or the Turkish democratic model that is insidiously becoming Islamist.

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