Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In an Effort to Kick Start the "Peace" Process, Canadian Official Jewry Body CIJA Takes a Meeting With Boss Abbas

CIJA mucky-mucks rushing to Ramallah for talks with the current PA kleptocrat-in-chief? It's as nutty as the day is long--and replete with delusions of grandeur. (According the CIJA chief Shimon Fogel, the talks, quel surprise, were "not entirely satisfying.")

Also in this week's CJN, Avrum Rosenszeig "crawled into bed" when he heard about the Conservatives' refugee bill. Apparently, for reasons of "tikkun olam" and the Jews' sad history, he's plenty happy with the previous status quo--fake refugees gaming Canada's eminently gameable refugee system and getting better health care benefits than Canadian citizens.

Update: Found this one on the CIJA site:
JTA — Dozens of Jewish and Muslim student leaders are meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia, to promote interreligious dialogue through backdoor channels.

The gathering, which began Sunday, was launched to allow young leaders to bypass community establishments and encourage direct dialogue, according to Ilya Sichrovsky, who founded the Muslim Jewish Conference, an Austria-based nonprofit, three years ago.

“Many people from the establishment of Jewish and Muslim communities are not on the same page on the issue of dialogue,” Sichrovsky, a Viennese Jew, told JTA. “We had big trouble with the Austrian Jewish community when we told them we would not let them steer the conference.”

Sichrovsky’s involvement with the Muslim Jewish Conference began when he attended a summit of the ROI Community, a global network of Jewish innovators created by the Jewish-American philanthropist Lynn Schusterman.

“I decided to participate in this conference after one of my Muslim pupils told me he hated all Jews,” Anna Magnand, a Muslim French teacher, told JTA. “I was offended. Beyond it, I think this anti-Semitism inevitably goes on to manifest itself in Islamophobia — the two are interconnected.”...
No they're not. And any Jew who believes they are is, I'm sorry to say, one of the jihad's useful idiots.

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