Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Iranian Embassy, or as It's Affectionately Known in the Anti-Khomeinist Community, the "House of Terror"

Anti-Khomeinist activist Nazarin Afshin-Jam thinks it should be shut down and, like many others who fled Ayatollahville, feels unsafe because it's up and running:
Ms. Afshin-Jam, who is married to Defence Minister Peter MacKay, said she believes embassy officials attended and recorded her March 28 appearance at an Advocates for Civil Liberties conference in Toronto. She said she and her relatives have over the years received death threats — from whom, she is not sure — saying that if she does not stop speaking out against the Iranian regime, “we’re going to come get you.”
"Generally, I feel safe in this country, but more and more I feel unsafe,” said Ms. Afshin-Jam, adding that she has hired security for some of her speaking engagements. 
Iran’s top diplomat to Canada has denied the embassy is recruiting ethnic Iranians here to be of service to Tehran, but Iranian-Canadian activists have been trying to shut down the office for years because they say it monitors and intimidates Iranian newcomers.
“[Iranian-Canadians] call it the ‘house of terror,’” said Sayeh Hassan, a Toronto-based criminal lawyer who fled Iran 25 years ago and has for years pressured Ottawa to close the embassy. “I don’t want to see Canada become a safe haven for the Islamic regime and those affiliated with the dictatorship, rather than a safe haven for people who are running away from the dictatorship.”
Er, might be a bit too late for that, Mr. H.

Update: Some months ago, friendly local Khomeinist Zafar Bangash warned that if Iran is attacked, Jewish heads will roll.

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