Friday, July 13, 2012

Despite a Crappy Economy, Barack "Antoinette" Retains His Appeal for Young Voters (a.k.a. "Obama's Dupes")

Fewer of them are swooning, for sure, but, writes Rich Lowry, for those who will bother to vote, it's "cool" Obama ("hey, did you see the president 'slown jam' the news on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon?") all the way:
If man doesn’t live by bread alone, neither does the youthful Obama voter. He is attracted to the president’s social views, to his supposedly forward-looking progressivism, to what his historic election symbolized in 2008, to his cool and cerebral style. Obama hasn’t created the conditions for them to get a decent job, but he can represent their mutual values. In effect, the president’s approach is, “Let them eat gay marriage.”
Well, at least it isn't full of sugar, like cake. That stuff'll kill ya.

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