Monday, July 16, 2012

"A Reminder that Anti-Semitism Has No Place in Debates Over Israel"--That's the Wrong Way to Look at It, Surely

There are people who hate Jews for being Jews, and because of the deranged fantasies, some of them very old, indeed--that have glommed onto Jewry and Judaism. Then there are people who hate the Jewish state because of the deranged fantasy that it, of all polities, is the most odious, pernicious and dangerous in the world. Are those in the latter category (anti-Zionists) any less hateful/threatening to Jewry because they don't necessary hate Jews qua Jews ( as the anti-Semites do) and reserve their loathing for Israel? And are the two categories (anti-Semitsm and anti-Zionism) mutually exclusive? The answer to both questions, alas, is no.

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