Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Farsi Farce in Canada

Khomeinists speak in forked tongues:
OTTAWA - Iran`s top diplomat to Canada has dismissed a report that ethnic Iranians are being enlisted to serve Tehran as ``baseless'' and insists his embassy is following Canadian and international laws in its conduct.

``We strongly dismiss baseless allegations by (some) media that (the) `Iranian Embassy has been recruiting ethnic Iranians in Canada to be of service to Iran,`'' Iranian charge d`affaires Kambiz Sheikh-Hassani said in a statement Tuesday.

``(The) embassy`s main goals in the current difficult conditions are to properly manage the existing relations and provide the highest possible quality and timely service to the respected Iranian community living in Canada.''

The comments came in response to an Ottawa Citizen report published Tuesday that quoted an interview the Iranian Embassy`s cultural affairs counsellor, Hamid Mohammadi, gave in Farsi to an Iran-based website directed at Iranian expatriates in Canada.

Mohammadi urged all Iranian-Canadians to aspire to ``occupy high-level key positions'' and ``resist being melted into the dominant Canadian culture.''

He also said Iranians in Canada ``can only be of service to our beloved Iran through'' concentrated cultural programs aimed at nurturing the expatriate population...
We let these Khomeinists into our country. (See them display their true colours here.) What did we expect?

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