Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sage Advice From a Bostonian: Don't Take Your Cues About Politics From Hollywood Celebs

Joe Fitzgerald writes that, Ronald Reagan aside, stars aren't exactly repositories of political acumen:
Because of the stars’ high visibility, the spread easily caught our attention. But once we stopped gawking, even before we turned the page, star-gazing was pushed aside by common sense, as if our intelligence had just been insulted.

Matt Damon? He was fabulous as Will Hunting, but what’s that got to do with our economy?

Reese Witherspoon? She was great as June Carter Cash, but what’s that got to do with protecting our borders?

Ben Affleck? He was simply terrific as Townie Doug MacRay, but what’s that got to do with foreign policy?

Charlize Theron? She was mesmerizing as the monstrous Aileen Wuornos, but what’s that got to do with our national security?

Indeed, what has Hollywood glamour got to do with the important decision we’re going to make in November? Those dots do not connect.
Actually, Joe, some dots do connect--but those are a whole 'nother kind of star.

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