Thursday, July 12, 2012

Start the Revolution With or Without Him--But, By All Means, DO Start It

The man dubbed the guru of the Occupy movement by anti-West, anti-American, anti-Canadian, anti-Israel NOW magazine has some words of wisdom for bewildered Occupyniks who wonder "what now?":
While the press is busy writing off Occupy, [Chris Hedges] says, the impulse that fed the protest persists. “Unfettered corporate capitalism is, as Karl Marx understood it, a revolutionary force that knows no limits on its own,’’ he says. “It commodifies everything, and it will push and push and push until something pushes back.’’ 
What exactly will be the next push back? he asks the audience. “When will it come? That I don’t know.” One thing he stresses is that the next expression has to be tougher, more focused and not get derailed looking after troubled people on the streets. “[Occupy] activists were up all night in de-escalation teams. Look, this is a political movement, not a homeless shelter.”

In the meantime, he says, the Montreal student protests are some of the “most important in the world.”

A supporter of the U.S. Green Party, Hedges nonetheless turned down an offer to be its vice-presidential candidate. “I don’t invest any intellectual or emotional energy in elections. It is all movements now – that’s all we have left.”
Poor baby! But now that free elections in free democracies have let him down so badly, there's always the frisson--why, it's almost sexual, isn't it?--that one gets at the thought of energized "movements" running amock and smashing the established social order.

Throughout history, 'twas ever thus.

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