Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Entrepreneurship" My Bourgeouis, Capitalistic Arse, Mr. Clement

One of Stephen Harper's ministers tries to account for why we idiotic Canadians continue to position Mao's army surgeon, a drunk and a Communist, as a national hero. The truth, of course, is that it's a naked bid to suck up to the Communist Chinese, who are ga-ga for Mao's favorite Canuck.

Update: My e-mail to Tony Clement:
To honour a man who served Mao, an evil leader responsible for the death and murder of untold mass millions, is to honour evil itself. It is bad enough that Canada has made a hero of Bethune, a man honoured by Mao for propaganda purposes. For a Conservative government to designate new funds for Bethune's hagiography is more than shameful and disgusting. It is an insult to all those killed by an evil, vindictive murderer and his heinous regime.

I don't care how many visitors from China we lure via Bethune hero-worship: we've been making that deal with the devil for far too long. I expect Conservatives, of all people, to have a better sense of history than that, and to put a stop to the undeserved hagiography once and for all.

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