Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ontario's "Human Rights" Commission Revises Criteria For How to Change the Sex Designation on Your Ontario Birth Certificate

Thereby answering the question: Whatever would we do without a "human rights" commission to offer informed opinions on such pressing matters? My favorite question/response in this doc has to be #4:
4. Should a person be permitted to change the sex designation on their birth registration more than once?
From our experience, such occasions will be rare. However, from a human rights perspective, there should be no prohibition against changing the sex designation on one’s birth registration more than once.
I dunno about the "human rights perspective," but from a medical perspective it sounds kinda nutty.


Frances said...

What - no third option: "None of the above"?

Xanthippa said...

When 'gender' becomes a variable, every law based on or that cites 'gender' becomes obsolete.