Friday, July 20, 2012

Harper Gov to Obami and Canucki Khadr Nutters: Bite Moi

He isn't "coming home" until he releases his birth certificate.

Er, sorry. Got confused there for a mo (or, in this case, an O). He isn't "coming home" until we can see those video tapes:
TORONTO - Omar Khadr won’t be coming home to Canada any time soon.  
The Canadian government has balked at the return of the convicted war criminal and murderer until U.S. authorities turn over allegedly-damning video footage of psychiatrists’ interviews with the Guantanamo Bay prisoner.  
In a formal letter sent Thursday to both U.S. defence secretary Leon Panetta and Khadr’s Toronto lawyer, John Norris, Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews states that in order to have Khadr sent back to serve the remainder of his sentence in Canada, officials north of the boarder must be given access to sealed video footage of separate interviews with Khadr that were carried out by two psychiatrists during the lead-up to Khadr’s trial in 2010.  
Toews also stated complete reports from Dr. Michael Welner and Dr. Alan Hopewell have not been supplied to Correctional Service of Canada and the parole board, and that both are required to administer Khadr’s sentence in Canada, according to sources familiar with the letter. 
Welner — who interviewed Khadr for eight hours in June 2010 and spent “hundreds of hours” researching his history - charges Khadr has become an even more “dangerous” radical while serving time in Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, mainly because of the hard-line jihadist prisoners that are around him, Khadr’s continued connections to terrorist groups such as al-Qaida, his loyalty to his radical-Islamist family and his celebrity among militant, anti-West jihadis.  
“I came to the conclusion that Omar Khadr (is) highly dangerous because of the nature of his role in the community of al-Qaida and other Islamist terrorists,” Welner said, adding the “street smart” Khadr, when he is eventually released from custody, will be “under tremendous pressure” from those around him to be a leader in radical Islam’s war on the West...
What an "Islamophobe." ;)

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