Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Omar Khadr, Who Is Seen in This Undated Photo..."

The Ceeb insists on using the photo from Mama Khadr's scrapbook--the one showing her son as a fresh-faced, bright-eyed pre-pubescent lad. Funny that the Ceeb would use that, of all pics, when the story it adorns deals with the much older, hardened jihadi whose beard (and rage against the kafir, one of whom--American medic Christopher Speer--he killed) came in years ago, and who wants to come "home" A.S.A.P.

The Ceeb's "undated photo"--he looks so sweet and harmless, doesn't he?


leadsoldier said...

Surely the CBC would be able to obtain a current picture of Mr. Khadr? Use of this picture suggests a propaganda purpose. It certainly is not journalism.

Canada lives here? CBC is feeding our worms to our brains while we are still living.

CBC, you would have to improve a great deal to get back to merely disgraceful.

Carlos Perera said...

It's the Trayvon Martin gambit: Canada and the U. S. are so much alike after all!