Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bei Meir Bist Du Shlecht*

I've conflated two news stories--the death of Patty, she of Andrews Sisters fame, and Russia's Vladimir Putin joining Iran's Khomeinists and their flying monkeys, Hezbo, in condemning Israel's Syria strike:

My dear Mr. P.
It's easy to see,
My dear Mr. P.
You're such a swine.

It's wretched, mais oui,
To tack Khomeini.
Though Hezbo agrees
That you're in line.

I could say "Stalin, Stalin,"
Even say "Lenin," too.
Each moniker reminds us
Of strong-armed leaders--like you!

Re your history
Of ignominy
You'll never be free,
Don't even try...
* Yiddish for "bad".

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