Monday, January 21, 2013

Diana West Describes What a Conservative American Foreign Policy Should Look Like

She writes:
To formulate a conservative alternative, I am starting with love of country. This is not to suggest that any of the other competing voices or views do not represent love of country. But I think it's essential to start building a new foreign policy from the desire to live by and protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 
It's really that simple. My closest allies in the world would be those with compatible philosophical views -- what cousins we still have in the Western democracies, Israel, nations fighting jihad such as India. Not Pakistan, and not Saudi Arabia. My conservative foreign policy would therefore require energy independence, beginning immediately with vigorous exploitation of our ingenuity and energy resources. It would also require leaving the United Nations, where an immoral charade of nearly seventy years has permitted rule-of-law democracies to vie with thuggish dictatorships in a rigged wheel that elevates the dictatorships and tarnishes the democracies. It does nothing for world peace to invite dictators to preen on the world stage in midtown Manhattan. It does nothing for world peace to invite Iran's Ahmadinejad -- or Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah for that matter, or the rest of the OIC nations - into the United States to fulminate against free speech, Israel and other targets of jihad. Better to meet with an international organization of democracies, supporting each other as natural allies - which, of course, would include support for Israel from the U.S. and all other democratic nations facing jihadist aggression as the clock ticks on a nuclear Iran. 
But I believe a conservative foreign policy would not, first and foremost, be global in scope or application, but rather designed with the interests of the American people in mind...
In that respect, perhaps Americans should take a page from Canada's Stephen Harper, a leader who is not afraid to tell the Zion-loathers to take a long hike off a short pier.

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