Friday, January 18, 2013

British Royal Family "Islamophobic"?

I've always thought of the British royal family of being, if not downright Islamophilic, then enthusiastically Arabist--you know, like the British Foreign Office. No so, claims Iran's Press TV. In fact, Queen Elizabeth's mishpacha is to be reviled because it "propagates Islamophobic sentiments":
The UK’s royal system has adopted the same discriminatory approach vis-à-vis Muslims, it used to exercise against the black population or other minorities of the country.

This means that the British monarchy has always been treating Muslims with some degree of discrimination and bigotry as compared to the white society of the nation.

To this end, the British scientific bodies affiliated to the country’s royal apparatus have always been threatening sociologists and historians not to refer to the royal family’s discriminatory approach towards Muslims...

Er, to which "scientific bodies" are you referring, Khomeini breath?

Anyone else get the feeling that English is not this writer's first language?

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