Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Zion-Loathing Amnesty International's Unintentional Hilarity

Re Israel's no-show at its annual ritual humiliation at the hands of the UN's dreadful "human rights" body, AI had this to say:
If the Israeli government is not careful, it will ruin an important global human rights process for everybody.
Oh, no. How dare the Jooos do that!

Here's Contentions' Seth Mandel:
Yes, you read that right. The Israel-obsessed behavior of a corrupt UN body that exists solely to scapegoat the Jewish state while having counted as members Qatar, China, Russia, Libya, and Cuba is not ruining an important human rights process. What is ruining the process is Israel’s unwillingness to participate in its own rigged show trial.
Funny (peculiar, not ha ha) how far too many "human rights" bodies, both international and domestic ones, have morphed into panels of punitive marsupials.

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