Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tin-Eared Shakespearean Comedy Serves Khomeinist Agenda

Found this, an unintentionally amusing piece of invective by some nutty professor named Rodney Shakespeare, on the Grandiose Ayatollah's Press TV site:
The USA is a fascist beast. Yes, the country which likes to lecture everybody about liberty, democracy and human rights has become viciously totalitarian.

Every sane person knows this is true about the USA at home. The government spies on everyone; people are beaten up; in the airports people are sexually humiliated to get them used to being controlled; the mainstream television channels spew lies; thousands of drones will soon be in the skies (and who would be so foolish as to claim that they will not be armed?); and the Homeland Security Agency has bought 1.4 billion dum-dum (expanding) bullets, that’s four for every man, woman and child. The controversy over gun control is really an early manifestation of America’s coming civil war.

Abroad, there are aggressive military operations. The latest expansion is into thirty or more countries in Africa and that’s on top of the increasingly aggressive attitude taken towards China which America now openly views as an enemy. Furthermore, as everybody knows, American foreign policy is controlled by Zionism which means attacks on Islamic countries, particularly on the way to trying to achieve regime change in Iran.

Yes, you might say confidently, but the USA truly is the upholder of democracy, is it not? Hilary Clinton says so.

It must be, you continue to say but not quite so confidently, or it would be the greatest liar the world has ever known, and that includes the infamous propagandist Joseph Goebbels (one of Hitler’s sidekicks)...
Um, since the folks you're serving are every bit as bent on ridding the planet of Jewry as Hitler and his sidekicks were, you might want to give that Goebbels reference a rethink, professor.

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