Friday, January 25, 2013

"Indigenous Spring or Intifada"?

Neither, actually. But that doesn't stop the outfit posing the question--the Canadian Arab Federation--from trying to hoist its bedraggled Zion-loathers flag on the passing bandwagon of disgruntled Aboriginals. It's a turn of events which, though hardly surprising, is more than a little alarming:
The winds of change that swept across the globe have reached our shores. 
The world watched as the Arab-speaking peoples whose suffering can be measured in decades, rose up for dignity and justice. First Nations Peoples of Canada, who have suffered for centuries on their land, are no longer remaining idle in the face of continuing injustices. 
Correcting the wrongs of the past should not await a First Nations Spring. The Harper government would be well advised to change course in dealing with Indigenous grievances. It is far too easy to continue the course that successive Canadian governments have taken in dealing with First Nations; although vastly different consequences may ensue this time around. An open and honest dialogue that is free of hateful stereotypes is a necessary starting point to addressing this pressing and just cause. 
The Canadian Arab Federation supports the rights and interests of First Nations Peoples and their endeavors to correct the mistakes of the past and present. CAF calls on Prime Minister Harper to seize the practices of the past and uphold the commitment he made to work with First Nations Peoples. The rights of First Nations have been usurped for far too long and a fair and just implementation of existing, enshrined and negotiated treaty rights must begin. 
Victims of a feather stick together? Good luck with that one, angry Arabs. (BTW and FYI First Nations Peoples of Canada: should sharia come to our shores, your treaty rights will be null and void and "usurped" forever. Stick that in your peace pipe and smoke it).

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