Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Reverting" to Islam if You're Gay: What a Queer Choice

Troubled gay HuffPo blogger details his manifold problems post-reversion:
I have recently moved to the Midwest where the most common question I get is, "You're gay? But how can you be Muslim?" It just does not make sense to think that. It would be like me telling someone you can't be Christian because you are not white.   
I do enjoy being able to talk to people about the fact that I am gay and Muslim but more importantly that I am just a person. I want the same things in life as anyone else.  
I am blatantly discriminated against by the Muslim Student Association at school for being gay. I do not actively tell Muslims that I am gay when I meet them, but when I befriend them on Facebook, sometimes, I get a hate-filled message, which is not okay.    
What people do not realize is that every time I get a hate-filled message it brings back my feelings of self-hate and plunges me into a depression. However, I am happy that now depression usually does not last long because I have friends I can talk to and they understand...
If you're a gay suffused with self-loathing and you embrace a religion that abominates your sexuality, thereby reinforcing your self-hatred, I have but one recommendation: Get thee to a psychotherapist, post haste!

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