Friday, January 25, 2013


My chuckle of the day:
College classmates say that an Oregon terrorism suspect was a happy-go-lucky college student who enjoyed drinking and football. 
The image described by classmates Friday in the terrorism trial of Mohamed Mohamud is a strong contrast to the man depicted in previous testimony as a hardened, teenage jihadi intent on killing thousands. 
Mohamud has been charged with attempting to detonate a bomb at a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in Portland in 2010. The bomb was a fake supplied by undercover FBI agents. 
Elyssa Ridinger was a freshman in Mohamud's class at Oregon State University in 2009.
She testified that on the morning of the tree lighting, she, Mohamud and their friends went Black Friday shopping and that he was in good spirits. 
She says he showed no signs of anti-Western sentiment.
Well, if I were a hardened jihadi intent on killing thousands of infidels, I'd probably pretend to be happy-go-lucky, too. Generally speaking, acting all snarly and shouting "Allahu Akbar!" to your schoolmates is not the way to go when plotting large scale terror attacks.

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