Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How Shtooopid are Toronto's Shtooopid, Zion-Loathing Khomeinists

As the Jewish Tribune's Joanne Hill reveals in this piece about a local protest about the persecution of Shias in Pakistan, they are so shtooopid that they are convinced that "Zionism" is behind it. And, further, so shtooopid that they think folks won't see how hatey they are if they reserve their derision for "the Zionists," not "the Jooos":
Religious leader Moulana Hassan Mujtaba told the audience he was warning non-Muslims around the world that they were not safe from the Zionist quest for world domination. 
“The system of control that the Zionist regime has, and USA has…they want to implement on the rest of the world. I say even to… you who think that this system of control is only going to be implemented on Muslims, you are extremely wrong…. Their system of control has taken your freedoms, your liberty…your jobs…your money…your houses. If you do not stand with humanity today, if you do not stand for justice…this system of control is going to take over you as well.” 
“Remember,” the protest’s emcee Syed Rizvi told the crowd, “this is not against any religion. This is not against Christianity, this is not against Jewish, Jewish, Judaism, rather it’s against the imperialism, Zionism and Salafism, which are spreading like a termite throughout the world.” 
Zafar Bangash, president, Islamic Society of York Region, equated Zionists with terrorist entities in Pakistan and said they were all the enemies of Muslims.
"Spreading like a termite"? Just the one?

Chaim the termite: what a cute little critter

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