Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Canada's Museum of Competitive Victimhood Plans to Keep It Simple So Everyone Can Comprehend Its Message

And the message is Victims R Us:
Museum officials showcased highlights of the accessible design to reporters on Tuesday.
"I'm really excited what's happening with the human rights museum," said Valerie Wolbert, a Winnipeg disability rights activist who was consulted by the museum.
Wolbert recommended that exhibits use language that is easy for everyone, including those with cognitive impairments, to understand.
"For me, as a person with an intellectual disability, I feel it would be great for having the plain language for everybody," she said.
Don't you dare go call it "dumbing it down," for that would be mean and discriminatory. No worries there, though. It's a well known fact that indoctrination is best achieved via easy-to-understand slogans and sound bites (eg. "four legs good, two legs bad," and "Yes We Can").

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Al the Fish said...

And they are building it for the children! Via union dues from teachers possibly: