Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hillary "Marie Antoinette" Clinton's Callous Question Is One for the History Books

"What difference, at this point, does it make?" queried a querulous Mrs. Clinton when asked whether a crappy YouTube trailer of a non-existent film or something else--like, say, the jihad--was behind the Benghazi debacle. To which VDH responds:
Two thoughts arise, aside from her own health issues (no doubt brought on by an admirable but grueling regimen of travel in often inhospitable places) that make such testimony understandably taxing and need to be taken into consideration. But that said, comparing big tragedies to smaller ones: Did it matter, for example, whether Hezbollah pre-planned the Marine barracks bombing or the Khobar Towers attacks, or the American deaths were just the results of angry youths who spontaneously coalesced to commit violence? Do such circumstances matter to the families of the deceased, to national-security officials responsible to prevent further occurrences, to a public that demands honesty and transparency from its officials? 
Secretary Clinton did not mean to show indifference, but her rhetorical question was one of the low points in her long career, one that might pass without too much fanfare at the moment but will reverberate a lot in the future...
With all due respect, I beg to differ with VDH. I think her query was every bit as callous and indifferent to suffering as that long-ago reaction of a French queen to a statement re her citizenry having no bread to eat.

Update: "What difference does it make?" Plenty. Especially to the poor sap who got hauled into jail, police state style, because Obama and his minions blamed Benghazi on an "offensive" bio of Islam's founder..

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