Thursday, January 24, 2013

Grandiose Ayatollah Issues a Fatwa on Nuclear Weapons. Who's Buying the Taqiyyah?

Not moi, even if his Grandiosity claims that it's a religious obligation:
Last week, Iran confirmed the fatwa against nuclear weapons issued by the country's supreme leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

On January 15, Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs made the announcement, suggesting that the edict should end the debate over whether Tehran was pursuing nuclear arms.

Although it is a religious decree, it was issued by Khamenei, who enjoys the country's highest jurisprudent authority. He also has the final say in all Iran's affairs. Therefore, the decree is binding for Iran's government and people.

Khamenei has expressed his opposition to the development of nuclear weapons several times. Iran's government and officials have also reached a consensus and common viewpoint. Iran plans to make use of nuclear energy peacefully instead of developing nuclear weapons...
Further to the fatuous fatwa, here's my big bang theory:

Our whole planet Earth it faced a hot, intense threat
But then a crafty Ayatollah snarled
That that claim was all wet.
The Shiite spinners spun,
The wily Russians joined the fun,
Neanderthals who hated Jews
Developed bombs; thought they'd bamboozled us!
Lies, deceit, hysteria,
The Shias wanna bury ya,
It's all startin' with their big bang!...

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