Saturday, January 26, 2013

Frankly, This One Goes Out to Egypt's Mo Morsi

You make us feel so loathed.
You make us feel so decomposed.
And every time we hear you spin
We  know it will be 
The moment that you spew
'Bout swine and monkeys and "the Jew"
We wanna go and take a pill:
From nausea we're ill.

You and yours
Are just a big cadre of thugs.
Beating up on Christians.
Why does Obama give you hugs?

You make us feel despised.
You're always telling your Big Lies.
Lies that surmise about Zions'
Eventual demise.
And even when you're dead and gone
There will be more, lots more, like you
And you, you make us feel despised.

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