Monday, January 14, 2013

Nebraska Rabbi Hies to the Defense of Rhymes-With-Bagel

The rabbi urges us to ignore the problematic stuff we may have heard about his state's senator. So even though in the past R-W-B may have kvetched that "the Jewish lobby" is annoying and far too powerful--usually a sure sign an individual who harbors a profound antipathy toward the Jewish state (hello, Professors Walt and Mearsheimer!)--the rabbi assures us that Chuck is actually a fan of Israel. A big one. In fact, he feels as warm and fuzzy about it as his president does.

Try again, Rabbi. And this time, try making an argument that's actually, you know, plausible.

How about this one, borrowed from Sigmund Freud? I can most highly recommend Rhymes-With-Bagel to everyone.

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