Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Israel Sends a Powerful Message to the UN's Heinous "Human Rights" Racket

And the message is: stick it in yer ear, Zion-loathers:
Israel is a no-show as the top U.N. human rights body reviews its record — the first time that a nation has done that without giving a reason. 
At its meeting Tuesday in Geneva, the U.N. Human Rights Council waited for Israel to appear for its once-every-four-years rights review, then determined it had not. 
Council spokesman Rolando Gomez told The Associated Press "we're in new territory here" with the unprecedented absence without a reason — once before Haiti didn't appear, but it gave a reason. 
U.S. diplomats have said the council is too focused on Israel, though all U.N. member nations are required to submit to such a review. 
Israel said last year it would stop cooperating with the council because of an international fact-finding mission into Israeli settlements.
All I can say re the non-cooperation: It's about freaking time!

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