Thursday, February 28, 2013

Can Group Hugs and "Allophilia" Indoctrination Obviate Vigilance Re Sharia Creep?

CAIR-CAN founder/Globe & Mail opiner-in-a-hijab Sheema Khan certainly seems to think it will. To bolster her case, he quotes that egregious squish head Justin Trudeau (no great intellect he, despite having been raised in "the cauldron of power"):
Because simple tolerance, mere tolerance, is not enough. We need genuine and deep respect for each and every human being notwithstanding their thoughts, their values, their beliefs, their origins. 
These words, spoken by Justin Trudeau during a moving eulogy for his late father, resonated deeply with Canadians, for they spoke to our shared humanity. Given recent flashpoints of aboriginal self-assertion, linguistic tensions in Quebec and the growing income divide, it is a message worth revisiting. 
Todd L. Pittinsky of Stony Brook University, currently a senior lecturer at Harvard, and author of Us Plus Them, has studied the dual concepts of recognizing and embracing differences. He has coined the term “allophilia” to describe positive intergroup dynamics that supersede tolerance. 
He believes that current anti-racism/diversity training programs do not tap in to the latent potential of individuals to develop strong bonds with those outside their own “group.”  
These programs are often ambivalent about differences. He recalls attending a corporate diversity training session in which the first slide, “Diversity Is Our Strength,” was contradicted by a later slide, “We Are All the Same.” They also ignore scientific research about innate allophilic characteristics, and the strong interpersonal cohesion that develops from them...
And let's not forget "Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad," and "All Animals are Equal, But Some Animals are More Equal Than Others," both of which are similarly ideological innately allophilic and built strong inter-animal cohesion. (Question for Sheema re her "my-Freudian-slip-is-showing" word choice: does allophilia "supersede" tolerance in the same way that Islam "supersedes" Christianity and Judaism?)

Update: To be clear, "allophilia" is intended to elevate the "group" at the expense of the individual and individuality.

Sounds a lot like life under sharia to me.

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