Sunday, February 24, 2013

U.S. Confab Seeks to Reposition the Hijab So as to Pull the Wool Over Kafirs' Eyes

Of course, the onIslam report phrases it somewhat differently:
Two American universities are organizing a conference on Sunday, February 24, to shed light on hijab and its religious and cultural values for Muslim women. 
"The 2013 Duke-UNC Consortium Conference focuses on Muslim women's veiling practices in transnational contexts,” the conference’s website says. 
"The one and a half day conference is a forum for an interdisciplinary discussion of the cultural, religious, historical and political meanings of the Muslim headscarf." 
Titled "reorienting the Veil", the conference will be hosted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in partnership with Duke University. 
Organizers say the event aims at expanding the dialogue about the tradition of wearing the veil and the meaning of the hijab for Muslim women. 
Participants will discuss why and how Muslim women wear the veil in a globalized and fashion-conscious world...
In other words, knowing that chicks' lowly status is Islam's Achilles heel (so to speak), participants tried to persuade everyone that the hijab is a symbol of empowerment, not oppression. In a globalized and fashion-conscious--but not an Islamized--world, that is. And if you believe that, you really are, you should pardon the expression, a head case.

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