Wednesday, February 27, 2013

U.K. Jooos' Foolish School Daze

Zionhass is all the rage in the U.K. today, but some blind and foolish Jews think this sort of thing is going to help:
MANCHESTER – In a move to break barriers between followers of the two faiths, two Islamic and Jewish schools have twinned in the British city of Manchester to  help promote a better understanding between Muslims and Jews in the country. 
"It allows, if nothing else, the new generation to see each other in a good light," Tahira Parveen, head of Religious Studies at Manchester Islamic High School for Girls, told the BBC News Online. 
"These are the young people who will be the teachers and leaders of the future. I think links like this are very important." 
The Islamic school has twinned with the Jewish King David High School in Crumpsall. 
Under the project, students from the two schools will exchange visits to better know each others. 
Joined lessons are also planned to help promote a better understanding of the two communities. 
As part of the project, a group of ten Muslim pupils attended a class at the Jewish school, where they talked about their religion. 
The students also used the visit to explain the meaning behind wearing hijab and the Muslim prayers. 
They also replied to questions by Jewish students about the weekly Friday prayers and the mixing between males and females in Islam. 
"We have two communities that have so much in common," said Rabbi Benjamin Rickman, head of religious education at King David school...
Alas, it was hard to hear him utter the patently untrue mealy-mouthed banality feel-good statement, standing as he was like this.

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