Monday, February 25, 2013

That's a Pretty Awful Sequester You're Wearing, Mrs. Cleaver

Paul Roderick Gregory writes that old-time TV smarm-meister Eddie Haskell has returned:
Eddie Haskell was the real star of the 50s classic TV series “Leave It to Beaver.”  Eddie constantly stirred up trouble, blamed the hapless Beave and Wally when things went wrong, but  whose misdeeds were found out in the end by Ward and June Cleaver. That was a different day and age, but the Eddie Haskells are still with us, and they are in very high places. 
Barack Obama is our first “Eddie Haskell President.” He stirs up mischief, for which he blames the rascally Republicans, while professing his own innocence or non-involvement. He levitates above the fray while his operatives do the dirty work. He offers grand bargains, then moves the goal posts, and blames his jilted adversaries for obstructionism.  He extracts costly concessions and then berates the conceders for not giving enough. He promises a post-racial society but conducts a campaign of class warfare. Wall Street bonuses and Cayman accounts disqualify opponents but are “not important” for his own nominees.
Our media is supposed to play the sensible Ward and June Cleaver in exposing such antics, but it acts instead as Eddie’s accomplices and enablers. Where are Ward and June when we really need them?
Bob Woodward’s  Obama’s sequester deal-changer reveals an Eddie-Haskell aka President Obama at the top of his game as he a) proposes the sequester, b) blocks corrective legislation, c) wipes away his fingerprints, and d) berates the Republicans for their “meat cleaver” bill that will ruin the economy and wreak chaos on the lives of millions...
America's biggest problem is that, unlike June Cleaver, no fool she, it can't see through "Eddie's" suckuppery and tell him to "cut the crap."

Sigh (and to reiterate): Where's June Cleaver when you really need her?

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