Friday, February 15, 2013

We Tried to Make 'Em Go to Rehab, They Said Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar

The feds have announced legislation that would strip a terrorist who holds dual citizenship of Canadian citizenship. A Calgary Herald editorial applauds the measure, but frets that it could turn out to be too "knee-jerk." After all, the Canadian way is to believe that even hardened jihadis who have committed an act of terrorism on foreign soil have a shot at being "rehabilitated":
So, too, must there be discretion - either on the part of the minister or by judges - to look at these incidences on a case-by-case basis and determine whether the individual has, since the crime, turned his life around and sincerely renounced his previous actions. Rehabilitation is, after all, part of the mandate of the Canadian criminal justice system, and the efforts toward rehabilitation made by anyone convicted of such a serious crime must also be taken under consideration.
Here's the thing: the odds are that the dudes in question will be having a rendezvous with their own retinue of posthumous virgins long before anyone tries to "rehabilitate" them (ha!) or before Canada gets around to summarily canceling their Canadian passports.

Update: I like this letter to the editor sent in response to the silly editorial:
Re: "Line in the sand," Editorial, Feb. 9. 
One has to wonder what motivates these young Canadian Islamic terrorists. 
Who brainwashed them? Their parents, their imams, or other members of terrorist groups who live here undetected?
Perhaps they were motivated by the press in their countries that spew out Nazi-like cartoons and lies about Jews and the West, especially the United States. 
Perhaps they are members of Muslim student associations that are present in our universities and induce their naive, stupid Canadian fellow students to participate in Israel Apartheid Week and other vicious activities. Disenchanted, maybe; dangerous for certain, despite the psychobabble about their reasons for their actions. 
N.B. Hershfield, Palm Desert, Calif.

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